29P/Outburst Update November 21, 2020

The Lesia French comet group website provides a convenient online plot tool that can be tailored to show nuclear magnitudes from Jan 2020 to Nov 2020. Nuclear magnitudes provide the best indicator of comet outbursts because of the smaller photometric aperture. This nuclear magnitude (m2) plot shows the recent outburst of 29P from a pre-outburst magnitude near 16.0 increasing in brightness to near magnitude 13.6, a change of 2.4 magnitudes. The plot shows several previous outbursts in 2020.. One appears to be larger. Several are smaller.The recent observations plotted were reported by J. F. Soulier. The image on 2020 Nov 20 17h50 UT by Jean-Francois Soulier clearly shows a developing asymmetric coma flattened on the north side (up).


Link to the Lesia 29P observations page:


Published by Charles Bell

The observer at MPC Observatory H47 near Vicksburg, Mississippi, USA

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