CN Jet Observed in Comet C/2020 M3 (ATLAS)

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Jorma Ryske from Finland, Helsinki, Finland posted four-frame animation images of comet C/2020 M3 (ATLAS) taken on November 20, 2020, showing cyanogen (CN) gas jet spiraling about one-quarter of a rotation around the comet’s nucleus. North is up east left.
Telescope: 0.305 m f//3.9 Newtonian QSI 690 – Quantum Scientific Imaging QSI 690 He stacked images to increase signal strength/ total exposure per stack, then processed them with a rotational gradient software filter from the online Cometary Coma Image Enhancement Facility: Samarasinha, N. H., Martin, M. P., Larson, S. M, 2013.
His images were taken using an ultraviolet narrowband centered on 387nm wavelength with a bandwidth of 15nm. This bandwidth includes a large peak in CN emission at 3883 Å or 388.3 nm. This is in the violet portion of the optical spectrum, shortest wavelength, highest frequency)
1 nm = 10 Å 1 Å = 0.1 nm
nm is nanometer Å is Angstrom

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The observer at MPC Observatory H47 near Vicksburg, Mississippi, USA

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