29P Outburst January 14, 2021

Francois Kugel and J. F. Soulier posted before and after images and observations of an outburst of 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann that occurred on January 14, 2021. The object’s brightness was at magnitude 17.3 on the night before the outburst on 2021-Jan-13.7 UT. Brightness increased to magnitude 14.9 one night later on 2021- Jan-14.7 UT or by aboutContinue reading “29P Outburst January 14, 2021”

Return of Comet P/2016 J3 (STEREO)

Comet P/2016 J3 (STEREO) was recently observed by several including: I41 Palomar Zwicky Transient Facility; G96 Mt. Lemon Survey; K. Sarneczky at K88, GINOP-KHK, Piszkésteto in Hungary, M. Jaeger at Stixendorf, Austria; H. Sato is H06 at Mayhill, NM; K. Yoshimoto, Hirao, Kumage, Yamaguchi, Japan; and K. Kadota, Ageo, Japan. This comet has brightened toContinue reading “Return of Comet P/2016 J3 (STEREO)”

Comet C/2021 A1 (Leonard) Sky Path in 2021

At discovery on January 3, 2021, new comet C/2021 A1 (Leonard) was located in the northern constellation of Canes Venatici (CVn) and moving northward in that constellation in January 2021.For most of the year 2021, comet C/2021 A1 is expected to remain at high northern declinations. Depending on your latitude, the comet may be circumpolar,Continue reading “Comet C/2021 A1 (Leonard) Sky Path in 2021”

A Newly Discovered ATLAS Comet

A new solar system object first observed on December 28, 2020, at magnitude 18.30 o by the ATLAS Survey station T08 ATLAS-MLO, Mauna Loa was found to exhibit a coma by follow-up observations. The new comet is designated C/2020 Y2 and named for the parent survey ATLAS. At discovery, C/2020 Y2 was near 5.8 auContinue reading “A Newly Discovered ATLAS Comet”

Comet C/2020 S3 (Erasmus) in STEREO-A HI-1 Images

Comet C/2020 S3 (Erasmus)2020-Nov-28 08:49:01 UTSTEREO A HI-1 FOVImage processed byKarl Battams @SungrazerComets Link: https://twitter.com/SungrazerComets/status/1334562581856608256?s=20Karl Battams posted a Twitter video of comet C/2020 S3 (Erasmus) in the STEREO-A HI-1 camera field of view, 2020-Nov 25 thru 29. The images are specially processed to bring out the tail. One can see a long tail as theContinue reading “Comet C/2020 S3 (Erasmus) in STEREO-A HI-1 Images”

CN Jet Observed in Comet C/2020 M3 (ATLAS)

Space Weather Gallery Link: https://spaceweathergallery.com/indiv_upload.php?upload_id=169950 Jorma Ryske from Finland, Helsinki, Finland posted four-frame animation images of comet C/2020 M3 (ATLAS) taken on November 20, 2020, showing cyanogen (CN) gas jet spiraling about one-quarter of a rotation around the comet’s nucleus. North is up east left.Telescope: 0.305 m f//3.9 Newtonian QSI 690 – Quantum Scientific ImagingContinue reading “CN Jet Observed in Comet C/2020 M3 (ATLAS)”